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                英語閱讀 學英語,練聽力,上聽力課堂! 註冊 登錄
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                2020-01-03雙語 ●綠腰『沈水熏

                TUNE: TELLING INNERMOST FEELINGI oft remember your robe when green grass is seen,Perfumed by incense burnt your g... [查看全文]

                2020-01-02雙語 ●日日雙眉都畫長

                TUNE: SILK-WASHING STREAMFrom day to day we vie in painting eyebrows long,As light-hearted as wafting clouds and ... [查看全文]

                2020-01-01雙語 ●一春猶有數行書

                TUNE: THE LOVER&rsquo;S RETURNOld perfume and face powder smell as before;To my regret your love&rsquo;s no more.Y... [查看全文]

                2019-12-31雙語 ●此是無愁無恨處█

                TUNE: SPRING IN JADE PAVILIONWith orioles and flowers your saddled horse may stay;You&rsquo;d better go eastwards ... [查看全文]

                2019-12-30雙語 ●秋千庭院重簾暮

                TUNE: MAGNOLIA FLOWERThe sun sets over the garden swing and curtained bower;Within embroidered doors my pen&rsquo;s... [查看全文]

                2019-12-29雙語 ●一棹碧濤春水□路

                TUNE: PURE SERENE MUSICI could not persuade you to stay;Drunk, you untied the cabled boat and went away.Dipping ... [查看全文]

                2019-12-28雙語 ●秋來更覺銷魂苦

                TUNE: GATHERING MULBERRIESSince autumn came, my soul has been consumed for you,Your letters still so few.At home ... [查看全文]

                2019-12-27雙語 ●長恨涉∮江遙

                TUNE: SONG OF HAWTHORNShe never likes to cross the river farAnd moves towards its head, where lovebirds are.She ... [查看全文]

                2019-12-26雙語 ●彩袖殷勤捧玉鐘

                TUNE: PARTRIDGE IN THE SKYTime and again with rainbow sleeves you tried to fillMy cup with wine that, drunk, I... [查看全文]

                2019-12-25雙語 ●夢入◣江南煙水路

                TUNE: BUTTERFLIES IN LOVE WITH FLOWERSI dreamed of roving on the southern rivershore,However far I might go,I cou... [查看全文]