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                新概〇念英語 學英語,練聽力,上聽力課堂! 註冊 登錄
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                免費新概念英語⌒第一冊是基礎課程嗎新概念英語對於我們來說很熟悉,無論是從小學到中學都可以看到新概念英語的身影,一直陪著我們度過英語學... [查看全文]


                  很多人學習英語會選擇《新概念英語》,那大家知道新概念英語第一冊的學習方法是怎♀樣的嗎?怎樣背新概念英語課文呢?背新技巧有哪些?今天... [查看全文]


                  自學英語的教材有很多,不知道大家有沒有聽說過新概念英語。那新概念英語如何自學呢?其背誦方法有哪些?還有,概念英∮語新概念選擇英音還... [查看全文]

                2016-03-26新概▓念英語第三冊╱逐句精講語言點 第60課 太@ 早和太晚 (10)

                  The girl, tears streaming down her face, begged to be allowed to slip into theguard&#39;s van. But the stati... [查看全文]

                2016-03-25新概念英語第三冊逐句精講№語言點 第60課 太早和太晚 (9)

                  The girl asked tosee a timetable, feeling sure that her father could not have made such a mistake. Theporter... [查看全文]

                2016-03-25新概念英語第三』冊逐句精講語言點 第60課 太早和太晚 (8)

                  To her horror he said that she was two hours too soon. Shefelt in her handbag for the piece of paper on ... [查看全文]

                2016-03-25新概念英語第三冊逐句精講語言點 第60課 太早和太晚 (7)

                  Such an experience befell a certain young girlthe first time she was traveling alone.  She entered the stati... [查看全文]

                2016-03-25新概念英語第三冊逐句精講語言點 第60課 太早和太晚 (6)

                  If you are citing a train, it is always better to be comfortably early than even afraction of a minted too... [查看全文]

                2016-03-25新概念英語第三冊逐句精講語言點 第60課 太早和太晚 (5)

                  Some friends of my family had this irritating habit. The only thing todo was ask them to come half an hour... [查看全文]

                2016-03-24新概念英語第三冊逐句精講語言點 第60課 太早和太晚 (4)

                  They areoften more industrious, useful citizens than those who are never late. The over-punctual can be as mu... [查看全文]